Who We Are

New York/Tri-State Gordonsons:

Rita & Lewis Gordonson (parents of Sara, Steven and Rena)

Sara Culang Gordonson (husband: Jay Culang, children: Hanna & Sylvie)

Steven, Lynn, Julie and Josh Gordonson

Rena Gordonson

Suzanne Gordonson (husband: Michael Farca, children: Rebecca & Benjamin)

Judy Gordonson (husband: Robert Kaplan, children: Andrew)

Gary & Donna Gordonson

Mildred Gordonson

Marc, Abbie and Ona Gordonson (Ona is our newest addition!)


This is Marc Gordonson's Family (originally from California now living in New York City)

Mom - Kathy lives in South Pasadena, CA

Dad - Jay lives in South Pasadena, CA

Is a radiologist and Professor at USC Medical Center

Sister - Krista lives in Alhambra, CA

husband is Jason Thiel

Brother - Kerry lives in West LA, CA

Is an editor for a company that produces learning products called Social Studies


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